Where worlds collide

GRAAPH Collective

Tokenized photography

GRAAPH is defining how the world of fine art photography intersects with emerging Web3 technologies. It’s a platform where the world’s most coveted photographers can meaningfully extend their brand into the NFT space, and where a community of collectors can discover and foster tomorrow’s rising stars in the world of fine art photography.


The block on the blockchain

Imagine a future where the real estate ownership experience is augmented by the blockchain to provide greater utility, and value to property owners. This is the future we’re building with Kinjo, a first of its kind NFT platform designed from the ground up to enhance the real estate ownership experience.


Calling the intrepid

Current Opportunities

Fractional CTO


Vancouver BC – Remote

Community Manager


Vancouver BC – Remote

Business Development Manager


Vancouver BC – Remote

Artist Coordinator


Vancouver BC – Remote

Web3 Developers


Vancouver BC – Remote

Employment Benefits

Extended Health

We’re an active bunch, and life happens. That’s why Empirika provides employees with comprehensive extended health insurance including, vision and dental. We also offer spouse, dependent, and partner coverage as part of our benefits package.

Time Away

As much as we love our jobs it’s important to unplug and re-connect with the world, our friends, and our family. All Empirika employees receive at least 14 days of paid vacation per calendar year in addition to stat holidays.

Remote Work

Today our team is 100% remote and enjoys the benefits of having a flexible work schedule (life happens). This allows the team to optimize their work/life balance and to reclaim hours and energy typically lost during commutes.

Monthly Meets

We bring the entire team together for meet-ups in Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler. Since we’re a remotely distributed team meet-ups are an important part of connecting with each other, aligning on vision, and kicking *ss.

Fresh Tech

New members are welcomed with the latest MacBook Pros, widescreen monitors, 4k webcams, and wireless everything from day one. We do this because we believe having access to the latest tools provides a more rewarding remote work experience.

Create Tomorrow

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